Metallic Flooring Systems

Metallic epoxy flooring has a high-end, classy look that will catch the eye.  It is also durable, provides a unique three-dimensional look that is enhanced by light. This epoxy concrete floor coating system is great for retails stores, churches, salons, homes, garages, doctor offices, and lobbies, just to name a few.   Our metallic epoxy flooring uses a urethane or polyaspartic topcoat that provides a sheen level of gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. It is a beautiful alternative to acid stained concrete, and it's available in over 80 colors that we can mix and match to create a truly unique and high-quality epoxy floor for any space. Let a team member come out and show you what our metallic epoxy flooring looks like in person. You will be amazed at how beautiful and durable our metallic epoxy flooring is.

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