Top Flooring Options for Commercial Kitchens In Augusta, GA

Did you know that the flooring in commercial kitchens can have a significant impact on safety, hygiene, and efficiency? The right choice of flooring can reduce slips and falls by up to 60% and minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. Investing in high-quality flooring for your commercial kitchen is not just an aesthetic decision; it's a crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth operation and meeting strict food hygiene requirements.

Choosing The Right Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Augusta

Choosing the right concrete floor coatings not only affects the overall safety of the kitchen but also plays a significant role in easy maintenance. At Titan, we understand the importance of having a high-impact, professional-grade kitchen floor that can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain hygienic conditions.

Safety First

In a bustling commercial kitchen, safety should always be a top priority. The right flooring can help prevent slips and falls by providing excellent traction even in wet or greasy conditions. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures a safer working environment for your staff.

Easy Maintenance

Commercial kitchens are notorious for spills, stains, and constant cleaning. That's why it's essential to choose flooring that is easy to maintain and clean. With the right flooring material, you can easily wipe away spills and keep your kitchen looking spotless without much effort.

Best flooring options for Augusta, GA commercial kitchens

How to choose the right quality flooring. It needs to be durable, easy to clean, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic and spills. Here are some of the best flooring options for commercial kitchens:


Polyureas/Polyaspartics make for resilient coatings perfect for busy commercial kitchens. These systems can handle spills, are abrasion-resistant, and stain-resistant, and won’t falter under heavy foot traffic. They resist chemicals, oils, and greases, the most commonly found items in your commercial kitchen. The best part? It dries quickly, so you don't have to close your kitchen for long. Cleaning is a breeze too – just use warm water and mild detergent.


Polyurethanes resist damage and create a water-resistant surface. Stain-resistant for easy cleanup, it avoids liquid absorption, making spills a breeze to wipe away. Resistant to chemicals, including grease and oils, it ensures durability even with routine exposure. Prioritizing safety with slip resistance, polyurethane floor coatings also offer various color and finish options to enhance your kitchen's style.


Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for commercial kitchens due to its seamless finish and chemical resistance. It creates a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy floors can also be customized with different colors or patterns.

Titan is Augusta's Commercial Kitchen Flooring Experts!

If your current commercial flooring is failing in terms of safety or ease of maintenance, consider turning to Titan Concrete Coatings for a solution. Our expert team collaborates to understand your unique needs, delivering a durable, hygienic, and easy-to-maintain flooring option that meets industry standards. Whether it's a small prep kitchen or a larger one with multiple fry lines, our solutions guarantee highly durable, low-maintenance flooring with slip-resistant safety features. Plus, we ensure a swift installation, minimizing disruption to your day-to-day operations.

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